Monday, February 27, 2012

Everything happens for reasons

I tend to get really jealous seeing other couple walking together around me especially in Sabah.

All my close friends have their boyfriend here, together in UMS in the same class, in the same tutorial even in the same hostel -.- Usually after class, they will ride the bus together to go back to their hostel or if not, they will be on date on the weekends.

Seriously its annoyed me.

I felt being left behind by my friends. I know I shouldn't feel like that, but I can't help it. Being far away from him is not easy because he is the only one I rely on every time, either good times or bad times. When we are apart, I had to do almost everything on my own and its sadden me.

This situation really makes me stressed out. At times, I really want to fly back home on the spot. But when I think over it, I found that there is must be reasons why we are experiencing this. Maybe Allah is testing us, testing us on our loyalty, honesty and love. Maybe Allah wanted to us separate so that we can be no where near to do sins. I believe Allah has plan for us.

So LDR couple, stay strong and hold on to your love ones. Allah had plan everything for all of us. Stay strong ♥

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