Saturday, July 2, 2011

July memories

For the past two years, July had been the month that I had waiting for. Its kinda special for me cause this month is where I accepted a guy who I thought would be the one for me. But somehow, it doesn't last long. April break us apart, and since then we rarely speak to each other. There's not even a single sign that shows we both are going to get back, zero. So, I suppose I should move on with the current life. Luckily I have my family and girlfriends. They are the cure to my broken heart. They cheer me up, lend their shoulder for me, the ear to hear my stupid stories, light up my day, brought me to the real life back and etc. Because of you, I learn that a guy isn't everything for me, but family and girlfriends are. I really owe you this lesson.

I had close my heart to any guys out there for this few years.
When the time is right, I will be with somebody.

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